The priceless feeling of buying an artwork is much celebrated and we couldn’t agree more. However, that gratification is all the sweeter when you go easy on the purse strings, especially for new collectors tentatively exploring their artistic tastes and interests. Here are five beautiful additions to your home or work space, that you needn’t feel guilty for purchasing…

Untitled by Fariha Rashid ($450.00)

Fariha Rashid Art Bahaar

First up in our top five, are not one but FIVE small and ever so special mixed media pieces from Fariha Rashid. The hexaptych of intricate and intimate abstract work, make for five perfectly formed, tiny portholes into the sublime landscape of Northern Pakistan, from where Fariha draws her influence. Pocket-sized serenity! This comes with the added joy of deciding how best to hang the collection – perhaps in a quirky constellation around your desk… or in different rooms, to create continuity throughout your living space?

Breathe by Mariam Hanif ($450)

 Mariam Hanif Art Bahaar

Another artist bringing their abstract representation of nature into the clamour of our urban lives… Mariam’s Breathe will have you doing just that: sighing with contemplative satisfaction, as you study its mesmerising details. The work is in ink, charcoal and pastels on paper. Striking use of golden amber and dramatic black will bring a warm glow and point of intrigue to any space.

4-17-77 by Naira Mushtaq ($100)

Naira Mushtaq Art Bahaar

Haunting and mysterious, 4-17-77 began life as a found photograph. Naira deconstructs and reconstructs images, so that the original portrait of a parent and child becomes something far more poignant – a playful commentary on how our memories function. Subtle hues and dexterous, bold brushwork make this an elusive, art-lovers choice. You will be sure to ponder over it across the years, as it takes pride of place in your home.

Rasputin by Zaina El Said ($285)

Zaina El Said Art Bahaar

Bring Zaina’s fantastical dream world into the heart of your home! Grand history of Russian drama meets globalised pop-culture, as McDonald’s signs clash with the hammer and sickle in this beautiful and bemusing piece. The digital collage is sure to raise a smile, every time you pass by its explosive colours and textured patterning.

The Blues I by Emaan Mahmud ($200)

 Emaan Mahmud Art Bahaar

Finally, one of our understated favourites, Emaan’s emulsion and enamel painting brings a stunning and revitalising splash of oceanic blue into your space. Meticulously realised detailing and perfect composition truly conjure the feelings of freedom and spontaneity we associate with the sea. What better way to dive into the world of art collecting, than with this simple yet alluring piece!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the selection and wish you happy shopping, here at Bahaar. Remember that you can change the currency you view works in, on the top right hand corner of the site. Get in touch if in need of any help whilst browsing!