Displaying art is something of an art form in itself. Fear not though – you don’t need a degree in curation to get it just right! Creativity and personality will go a long way towards getting the most from your new Bahaar treasure. Check out our playful and informative ideas, to get you started…

Throw out the rulebook

Interior Design magazines will have you subscribing to all manner of rules for the perfect height to hang your painting at, but remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… and so is height! Eye-level will mean something different if you have young children in training to be the next John Berger, or a family member who is over 7ft! Optimum height is also dependent on the furniture in the room. Our advice? Experiment and trust your instincts! Try lots of different positions, until suddenly… voila!

Eclectic ‘salon’ walls

When hanging multiple pieces in a collection, always start from the centre and fan outwards. Vertical stacking is a great way to elongate narrow spaces, and using small to medium sized work means you can move pieces around, according to your mood.

Don’t hold back on getting started just because you haven’t collected innumerable pieces of ‘real’ art; postcards, kids’ pictures and found objects can be interspersed with your prized paintings for fun and personal displays. Don’t be afraid to apply your sense of humour, juxtaposing images for unexpected and witty connections.

Think about the atmosphere you wish to create and what you wish to get from the art work. Clashing colours and textures can make for high-energy, but if you want a more contemplative and calm display, go easy on the eye and opt for cohesive tones and ideas throughout. The same goes for framing – the eye enjoys repetition of colour, form and texture. Sometimes, forgoing the frame altogether can make for a great raw look, allowing the art to speak for itself.

Get kooky with space

Since when did art have boundaries? Your home is not a gallery, so the white-cube restriction to walls and traditional surfaces need not apply! Look for ways to incorporate your smaller artworks within niches, windows and bookshelves, mingling with the things that make your living space home. Curating your bookshelf can be a lot of fun, highlighting the ways that visual art and literature overlap and inform each other. Stairways, whilst requiring additional precision, are a great place to bring verve and intrigue for those steps up to Bedfordshire!

Inspired to get started? Drop us a line to arrange a meeting, for further ideas on how to maximise the awesomeness of your space!